Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Episode 69 Highlights (Nov 02, 2021)

Episode 69 Day 68 Highlights Of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6

Anee Got Immunity Power

On the 69th Day Bigg Boss has given an Immunity task to all the nominated Housemates. According to this taks there are safe zones, Danger zones and Bags with housemates photo. In this task there are number of Rounds.

Whoever gets more votings in this task will get Immunity Power and will be out or Safe from the nominations for this week. The method of Playing task is little Complicated.  At the end of this task Anee Master got highest Votes and She Got Immunity Power. 

Anee Saved Maanas

Anee Master got saved from the Nominations in this 9th Week. Earlier Anee Master has got one Special Power in the Bigg Boss House. Bigg Boss said to Ane that She can Save on Housemate from Nominations by Utilizing this Power. Anee Master Choose Maanas to Save from Nominations this 9th Week. In this Course Both Ane and Maanas are Out from Nominations and 8 Housemates Siri, Ravi, Priyanka, Vishwa, Sunny, Kajal, Jessi and Sreeramachandra are in Nominations. Shanmukh as Captain didn’t got Nominated. 

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